State Minister Joseph Harmon To Implement “Trump Like” Policies on Overseas Guyanese To Fight Terrorism

Joseph Harmon, Guyanese State Minister, said Friday that Guyana will reinforce migratory controls from now on, because of traces of citizens coming from neighboring countries, involved in terrorist activities.


Harmon said the Guyanese government will try to stop the fluency of illegal immigrants, after it was known that around 130 people coming from Trinidad and Tobago are keeping links with extremist organizations abroad.

Harmon insisted there will be no ban on citizens travelling to or from locations where there is confirmation of terrorist groups, unless immigration authorities identified a specific threat.

The intention is to ensure the safety of the Guyanese, said the Minister of State, who meant that the government will not impose measures to prevent entry to travelers from countries belonging to the Caribbean Community (Caricom).

He confirmed the validity of the treaties included in the operation of Caricom, which facilitate the free movement of people among the 15 member nations of the regional organization.

  • What type of terrorism do Guyana have ….. just wondering

    • These people just attracting attention to themselves for no reason


      Suddenly Guyana is full of terrorists, I find this so illogical. They should address all the crime being committed by locals.

  • He is right since they leave Guyana for so long we should not accept them back


      Then America and Canada should not accept Guyanese because you have never been here. Think before you make comments.

  • they have to start at home -from the police and all the local bandits.