Guyanese NYPD Officer Attempts To Explain Gunning Down Brooklyn Native In Court “had to stop the threat”


An off-duty NYPD officer on trial for gunning down a Brooklyn father in a road rage confrontation said he “had to stop the threat” that an enraged motorist posed outside his car.

“At that point, I thought I was going to lose my life,” he told a Brooklyn jury Wednesday. “Delrawn Small struck me, that’s the only reason I had to stop the threat of me losing my life.”

Isaacs, 38, took the stand in his own defense as he fights murder and manslaughter charges — and a possible sentence of 25 years to life in prison — for the death of Delrawn Small on the corner of Atlantic Ave. and Bradford St. in East New York.

Small, 37, was leaving a barbecue on Williams St. with his girlfriend Zaquanna Albert in the passenger seat with his 14-year-old stepdaughter and their 3-month-old son in the back.

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In emotional testimony last week, Albert said a speeding tan-colored sedan cut them off shortly before midnight on July 3, 2016 and she caught a glimpse of the irate driver — Isaacs.

The cop flatly denied her version of events. “That never happened,” he said. “I was moving. I was driving with the flow of the traffic.”

The married father of two from East New York said he got off his shift from the 79th precinct and was planning to go to a barbecue in Springfield Gardens, Queens, to meet up with friends from his native Guyana, South America, from where he immigrated in 1999.

As he waited for the red light at Bradford St. to change, he said he noticed a “big guy” crossing the street and turn towards his car.

“He was laser-focused coming towards me. He wasn’t running but coming at me,” said Isaacs, facing the jurors.

“You could tell he was upset with me. At that time of the night, in that area of East New York, you know, I thought maybe he recognized me from a previous arrest or was a carjacking, could tell he was in a rage coming at me.

“I removed my firearm from the holster. Wasn’t sure what was going on or what was going to happen,” he said, demonstrating his right hand near the front of his waist.

He said Small approached his driver’s side window that was already down.

“He came and said ‘I’m gonna f–king kill you.’ I turned my body to the left. Looking at me, he struck me right away.”

After the blow landed on his cheek, Issacs said he grabbed his service weapon.

“I discharged a burst of three, that’s how we are trained,” said Issacs, an NYPD officer since 2013.

Prior to Isaacs immigrating to New York, he was a corporal officer with the police department in Guyana.